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Stamping Die for Car Door Exterior Panel

At Huanghe, we design and produce a number of auto dies for car door exterior panels that can be difficult to locate. With a single stamping die, customers can produce both driver's side and passenger side's exterior car door panels simultaneously. After years of experience in the automotive stamping die industry, we have gradually developed our own design and manufacturing concept, allowing us to produce stamping dies for almost any car body panel.

Car doors are a large part of a car's overall look. A beautifully designed car door adds to the appeal of the vehicle. The design and manufacturing of stamping dies for car door exterior panels is a key part of car production, and often takes the longest cycle time. As with many car manufacturers, we aim to deliver top stamping dies that help customers produce the finest quality car door panels, while lowering tooling costs and cycle time.

Drawing with a draw die is a crucial step in car door panel stamping. The result of drawing directly affects the quality of the finished car door exterior panel. Advanced drawing processes also save raw material, improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

Piercing cuts out the part where the car window will eventually be installed, whereas trimming removes additional scraps and collects the cut-outs for recycling. This process minimizes waste and reduces height requirements for the door panel. The result is a reduced production cost.

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