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Stamping Die for Car Roof

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Illustrations on this page depict Huanghe's stamping die for car roofs. Outer automobile panels such as the car roof generally require three to four auto dies to complete each necessary operation in the production process. Listed here are the stamp dies that are commonly used in the production of car roofs.

A unique selling point of the draw die is the pressure pad, which comes with a sensor to locate and hold down metal blanks on the die shoe. An advanced knock out rod, also known as an ejector pin, push finished work pieces out of the die, preventing improper installation. The choices for the stamping die material depends on the specific stamping application. Listed below are some popular choices.
1. Upper die: Mocr, blank holder: H300, nose of punch: Mocr, lower die: H300
2. Upper die: H300, inserts: SKDII or Cr12MoV, blank holder: H300, nose of punch: H300, lower die: H300

We can also provide stamping dies with either guide pins or heel blocks upon customer request.

The cam forming die has a mechanism that holds the edge down while bending the work piece into the desired shape, ensuring the quality of the finished car panel. During trimming, the work piece is trimmed at an angle perpendicular to the working surface, making it easier for operators to control the quality.

The cam forming die can be integrated into an automated production line for a fast manufacturing of a large number of car roofs. The forming action is carried out with a wedge-shaped block, called the cam driver.

This stamping die can carry out double tasks, meaning the flanges are made in both upward and downward directions between the pressure plate and blank holder.

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