• Stamping Die for Body Side Panel

    Draw die is a unique unit that allows the blank to be drawn as a complete piece, rather than in various sections. This particular die is a showcase on our own technical tooling strength.

  • Stamping Die for Cowl Panel

    Cowl panel is fit under the car hood, and attached to the floor pan and windshield pillars. Common traits of the cowl include a complex profile and multiple holes through which the throttle cable, tension rod and pipeline may pass.

  • Stamping Die for Car Fender

    Draw die that we produce stretches a plat panel into a 3D shape in a fast and precise manner. Different materials can be used to construct the upper and lower dies, and the blank holder. Below, we have listed several types.

  • Stamping Die for Car Door Exterior Panel

    Stamping dies for car door exterior panels is a key part of car production, and often takes the longest cycle time. Advanced drawing processes also save raw material, improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

  • Stamping Die for Car Door Panel

    Auto die is made from welded plates that are twice as thick, and involve different processes, including drawing, trimming, piercing, flanging. Both the driver and passenger side car door panels can be made in one stamping die simultaneously, saving tooling costs.

  • Stamping Die for Car Hood / Bonnet

    Deep draw die can achieve great depth while ensuring the rigidity of the finished drawn parts. A unique knock-out rod design eliminates the need to adjust the knock out rod of the stamping press, making installation easier.

  • Stamping Die for Car Roof

    A unique selling point of the draw die is the pressure pad, which comes with a sensor to locate and hold down metal blanks on the die shoe. An advanced knock out rod, also known as an ejector pin, push finished work pieces out of the die, preventing improper installation.

  • Stamping Die for Frame Rails

    Frame rails are critical parts to a car, and does the heavy lifting of the vehicle. Frame rails need to be rigid and accurate to fit seamlessly with other parts of the car. Stamping die for frame rails includes a great rigidity, accuracy, thermal stability and toughness.


Stamping dies are a special precision tool that is designed to cut and form sheet metal into a desired shape or profile design. Die cutting and forming sections are typically made from special varieties of steel that can harden, typically called tool steel. The dies can also contain cutting and forming sections made from hard, wear resistant materials, such as carbide.

Stamping is a cold-forming operation. This means that the die or sheet material is exposed to heat intentionally. However, stamped parts generally exit the dies incredibly hot, due to the friction generated during the cutting and forming processes.

Dies come in a variety of sizes, depending on the end use. Dies produced for use in microelectronics can fit in the palm of a person's hand, and those used for automobile body panels can be up to 20 feet square and 10 feet thick.

The final part is called a piece part, and some dies are capable of making more than 1 piece part per cycle, and cycles can be as fast as 1,500 cycles (also known as strokes) per minute.

Though there are a variety of stamping dies, all are designed to perform two basic functions: cutting, forming, or both. Line dies are dies that are either manually or automatically loaded dies, and progressive and transfer dies are fully automated.