Huanghe Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.

Fuzhuang Development Zone, Botou, Hebei 062150, China

Tel.: +86-317-8185763

Fax: +86-317-8195836

  • Company Profile

  • Since we were founded on November 20, 1997, Huanghe Automobile Mould Co., Ltd. has established and maintained our reputation as a trusted trusted automotive stamping die manufacturer by providing quality machines and excellent customer service. By providing draw dies, cam trim dies,blanking dies, piercing dies, and forming dies, we can serve numerous customers in the car manufacturing industry.

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  • Milestones

  • 1997
    November: The Huanghe company was founded.

    August: We bought our first gantry type machining center to aid in the auto die design process.

    May: We expanded our in-house capabilities by purchasing a wide range of equipment from overseas.

    September: We moved to a new, larger location, and changed our company name to Huanghe Automobile Mold Co., Ltd. The same year, our quality management system was certified to ISO2001:2000 standards.

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  • Project Management

  • Project Start-Up
    Listed below are four aspects involved in the initial phase of any stamping die project.
    1. Listen to customers and understand their technical requirements.
    2. Confirm product specifications
    3. Create a project schedule
    4. Assess project risks

    Huanghe's business department is ready and willing to discuss customer's stamping die projects. After customer approval, we will assign specialized personnel to the project, asking them to create a project schedule, pinpoint critical points in the project and figure out what customer's quality requirements and design standards are.

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  • Service

  • At Huanghe, our job is to listen to customers and meet each of their needs for stamping die manufacturing. Because of that, we've developed a comprehensive after-sales service system, with service representatives on call to provide technical support. With 18 years of experience in the stamping die industry, we have enough knowledge and technical strength to handle stamping needs for car body panels, including body side outer panels, cowl panels, fenders, and side door panels, among more.

    Commitment to Pre-Sales Service
    1. We design and manufacture customized drawing dies, piercing dies, and cam trim dies to meet customer requirements.
    2. We organize production runs in compliance with contracts set up with the customer. On-time finishing is guaranteed.

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