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Case 1: AM99 Project for XCMG

XCMG is the 5th largest construction machinery company in the world. In 2013, we were hired by them to produce stamping dies for outer body panels to be installed on their heavy duty truck, including car side panels, doors, cowl panels, car hoods, quarter panels, floor pans and frame rails.

1. Front License Plate Holder
2. Front License Plate Filler Panel
3. Front Bumper (backside of bumper, upper left)
4. Front Bumper (backside of bumper, upper right)
5. Bumper Absorber
6. Front Bumper (outside of bumper, upper left)
7. Front Bumper (outside of bumper, upper right)

Case 2: Hefei Ever-Win Machinery Co., Ltd.

1. Outer Body Side Panels (left, right)
2. Body Side Panel (left, right)
3. Side Window Outer Frame Lower Reinforcement (left, right)
4. Apron Panel Lower (left, right)
5. Floor Panel
6. First Cross Member Rear Outer

Case 3: P102 Project for Baoding Changan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

1. Side Inner Panel Upper Front Reinforcement (left, right)
2. Car Roof Cross Member (front)
3. B-Pillar Reinforcement (left, right)
4. Car Roof Cross Member (rear)
5. Car Roof Rails
6. C-Pillar Inner Lower (left, right)
7. A-Pillar Inner Lower (left, right)
8. Inner Cowl Side Panel Reinforcement (left, right)
9. A-pillar upper inner (left, right)

Case 4: 330 Project for Yogomo (Hebei) Motors Co., Ltd.

1.Side Door Outer Panel (right front)
2. Body Side Outer Panel (right)
3. Side Door Outer Panel (rear right)
4. Liftgate (outer upper)
5. Liftgate (outer lower)
6. side door outer panel (rear left)
7. Body side outer panel (left)
8. Side door outer panel (left front)
9. Left fender
10. Right fender

Case 5: KY10 Project for Chongqing Changan Kuayue Automobile Co., Ltd.

Chang'an Automobile was established in 1862 as an affiliate of CSGC, and is a forerunner to the modern Chinese industry. The company began their involvement in the car business in 1984.

1. Outer Tail Door (left) 2. Inner Tail Door (left) 3. Inner Tail Door (right)
4. Rear Frame Rails (front) 5. Rear Frame Rails (rear) 6. Rear Floor Pan (rear)
7. Outer Body Side Panel (rear right) 8. Outer Body Side Panel (rear left) 9. Inner Body Side Panel (rear left)
10. Inner Body Side Panel (rear right)

Case 6: SA01, SD01 Projects for Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.
1. Trunk Lid Outer Panel 2. Trunk Lid Outer Panel 3. Trunk Lid Inner Panel
4. Rear Side Door Inner 5. Front Side Door Inner 6. Front Side Door Outer
7. Car Roof Outer 8. Car Hood Inner 9. Car Hood Outer

Case 7: 6300 Project for Yogomo (Hebei) Motors Co., Ltd.
1. Body Side Lower Panel (left rear) 2. Car Hood Outer Panel 3. Right Fender
4. Body Side Panel (rear right) 5. Car Roof Outer Panel 6. Body Side Upper Panel (left rear)
7. Left Fender 8. Car Hood Inner Panel

Case 8: 6320 Project for Yogomo (Hebei) Motors Co., Ltd.
1. Front Door Outer Panel (left, right) 2. Body Side Panel (left, right) 3. Rear Door Outer Panel (left, right)
4. Rear Door Inner Panel (left, right) 5. Car Hood Outer Panel 6. Liftgate Outer Panel
7. Liftgate Inner Panel 8. Car Roof 9. Car Hood Inner Panel
10. Fender 11. Front Door Inner Panel (left, right)


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