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  • Die Design

  • In the past, designing a functional auto die was expensive and time consuming, due to the repeated trial and error processes they underwent. Today, computers aid in the design and modeling process to create the die's design and simulate the stamping process. By doing so, labor and tooling costs in the design process are significantly reduced.

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  • Die Construction

  • Huanghe develops and runs stamping dies for automobile outer body panels, producing more than 600 standard automotive dies each year. We are a full service company that completes all necessary work to deliver the right product to our customers, jobs that include automotive scanning, tooling (tool inspection, welding fixtures, numerical models for the entire car) and all the way to the die design, construction and testing.

    From large car hoods to narrow cowl panels, Huanghe's stamping dies deliver a product customers can rely on. We invest heavily in our manufacturing capability, and now own and operate advanced equipment, including several large-scale CNC machining centers and mini NC machine tools.

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  • Die Tryout

  • Automotive Panel Drawing Die Tryout

    Using our own hydraulic press, we can test the draw dies. During the die tryout process, we can fine tune the die before it leaves the factory.

    Precise adjustment increases the stamping quality and will also cut down on lead times. The purpose of the die tryout process is to make final adjustments to products with manufacturing or design defects, and provide our customers with products that meet even the most extensive of requirements.

    Cracks and wrinkles on the surface are common problems in the drawing process, which is why controlling metal flow is essential to a successful drawing. To do so, a few factors need to be taken into consideration to minimize the potential for cracks and wrinkling in the drawn part. They are listed below.

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