Huanghe Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.

Fuzhuang Development Zone, Botou, Hebei 062150, China

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Die Construction

Huanghe develops and runs stamping dies for automobile outer body panels, producing more than 600 standard automotive dies each year. We are a full service company that completes all necessary work to deliver the right product to our customers, jobs that include automotive scanning, tooling (tool inspection, welding fixtures, numerical models for the entire car) and all the way to the die design, construction and testing.

From large car hoods to narrow cowl panels, Huanghe's stamping dies deliver a product customers can rely on. We invest heavily in our manufacturing capability, and now own and operate advanced equipment, including several large-scale CNC machining centers and mini NC machine tools.

We've purchased on mechanical press and multiple Dee Hydraulic equipment to carry out the trial runs for our dies. The complete line of production equipment allows us to produce 350 sets of large-scale automotive dies each year. We check for quality in each step, from material selection, through production, and to the final assembly, all in accordance with ISO9001 quality management standards.

Equipment in perfect operating condition is key to quality products. Listed below is some of our equipment.
1. 14 sets of imported large scale, 3-axis CNC machining centers
2. 2 sets of imported large scale gantry, 5 face machining centers
3. 7 sets of small scale NC machining centers
4. 2 sets of coordinate measuring machines
5. 2 sets of YB27-1600T hydraulic presses
6. 1 set of YQK27-1250T hydraulic presses
7. 2 sets of YB27-800T hydraulic presses
8. 3 sets of Y32-500T hydraulic presses

  • Stamping in action
  • Stamping cutting
  • Automated processing equipment
  • 1600t hydraulic press
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Gantry milling machine
  • NC machine tool
  • Hydraulic press
  • Coordinate measuring machine
  • 3D laser scanner
  • Styrofoam milling machine